Ductwork – Turnkey Solutions

Turbo Air Technology offers a convenient turnkey service, which includes the design, manufacture, and installation of industrial fans and ductwork systems. Our expertise enables us to offer total system solutions to commercial, industrial, and mining operations in Australia and overseas.

At Turbo Air Technology, we can accommodate your needs from concept to completion. Our in-house design department develops equipment drawings in CAD format, our manufacturing team can weld equipment to various Australian Standard weld categories such as SP (Special Purpose) and FP (Fatigue Purpose) welding for all carbon, stainless, and other specialised steels, while our installation and site supervision teams ensure your system is professionally installed, balanced, and ready for operation.

Benefits of Turnkey Projects

There are some distinct advantages to opting for a turnkey solution, the most obvious being the integrated approach – one project with one project team. Our turnkey solutions also ensure every component fits perfectly for easy on-site assembly and cost savings.

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