A wide range of Modular Ducting Products for process ventilation, air filtration and particle extraction. Types of industry include: Woodworking; Milling; Agriculture; Metal Working; Plastics; Paper; Textile; Tobacco; Recycling; Powder Coating; Sandblasting; Medical and many more.

Features and Benefits

⊗ An investment in your business and is a crucial
⊗ Clean and safe working environment.
⊗ Our system makes installation quicker and easier.
⊗ Repairs will be quicker, leading to less down time.

Our Systems include:

⊗ Std Galv
⊗ 2 & 3mm Mild Steel Powder Coated
⊗ Pneumatic Conveying
⊗ Stainless Steel
⊗ Flexible Ducting

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