Turbo Air Technology offers a custom built range of purpose-built fans and blowers for the mining industry including:

Primary Air Axial Fans: Heavy duty construction of axial fans withstanding robust requirements of the mining industry.

Primary Air Centrifugal Fans: Custom built to client specification, heavy duty construction, maximum efficiency.

Secondary Air Vent Fans: Primary and secondary air ventilation.

Ancillary Devices:

⊗ Ductwork, elbows, bends, matching angles and flanges, transitions
⊗ Flow control equipment, variable inlet vanes (VIV)
⊗ Fan inlet and outlet parallel or opposed blade dampers.
⊗ Inlet and outlet transitions, evases for fan static pressure regain.
⊗ Cooling fins in cast aluminium for heat dissipation in high temperature applications.
⊗ Acoustic absorptive silencers manufactured in mild or stainless steels.
⊗ Safety mesh guards on fan inlet or outlet terminations.
⊗ Lagged fan casings for acoustic or thermal attenuation;
⊗ On both centrifugal and axial fans.
⊗ Anti spark and explosion proof construction for hazardous environments.
⊗ Impeller wear liners with hard facing for abrasive environments.
⊗ Also available in replaceable form without the need to change impeller.

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