Turbo Air Technology offers a custom built range of purpose-built fans and blowers for the Power Station industry as follows:

Centrifugal Fans:

⊗ Wide range of centrifugal fan units
⊗ Heavy duty construction
⊗ Single or double width
⊗ Accessories include – Inlet boxes, inlet dampers, inlet variable vane control
⊗ Designed for a wide range or specific application

 Axial Overpressure Fans With Adjustable Impeller Blades:

⊗ Impeller blades can be adjusted during operation or whilst stationary.
⊗ Large operating range with high efficiencies even in the partial load range.
⊗ Space saving design can easily be adapted to existing duct arrangements.
⊗ Fans are easy to maintain and include good accessibility for maintenance.

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