Turbo Air Technology Pty Ltd manufactures Spiral Welded Pipe to handle positive and negative pressure in numerous industrial applications such as:

⊗ Mineral processing pipe work
⊗ Waste water treatment piping
⊗ Bulk material handling
⊗ Auger casings
⊗ Dust control ductwork
⊗ Pneumatic conveying systems

Advantages of Spiral Welded Pipe are:

⊗ Light weight piping
⊗ Manufacture from strip steel to any diameter
⊗ Custom components can be engineered for specific applications

Standard Components for every application, such as:

⊗ Elbows
⊗ Tees
⊗ Laterals
⊗ Reducers
⊗ Rectangular to round transitions
⊗ Pick-up hoods

Available in many materials:

⊗ Carbon Steel GR250
⊗ Stainless 304 to 316
⊗ 3CR12


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