Turbo Air Technology offer a complete range of standard commercial and industrial Spiral Lockseam Duct fittings and custom fabrications designed to meet all standard specifications.


⊗ Commercial airconditioning
⊗ Industrial
⊗ Chemical (fume control)
⊗ Underground mine ventilation
⊗ Circular formwork

Advantages of a Spiral Lockseam Duct:

⊗ Short manufacture time.
⊗ Attractive appearance.
⊗ Economical to install.
⊗ Reduced installation costs.
⊗ Easy to install.
⊗ Rigid construction.
⊗ Longer spans reduce installation time and;
⊗ the number of connections and hangers required.
⊗ Connections are made quickly and easily.
⊗ Manufactured from strip steel to any diameter.
⊗ Standard associated fittings for applications such as; elbows, tees, lateral, reducers, transitions, and many more

Available in Various Materials and Thicknesses:

⊗ Galvanised G60-G90
⊗ Stainless 304 to 316
⊗ Copper
⊗ Carbon Steel GR250 to 350


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