Turbo Air Technology Pty Ltd is a Western Australia owned company that specialises in the manufacture of high quality industrial fans and ductwork.

We manufacture standard and custom built centrifugal fans and blowers to suit a range of commercial, industrial, and mining applications.


Turbo Air Technology began operations in 1993, trading as Aerodyne Fans WA Pty Ltd. In 2000, following a joint manufacturing and agency agreement with Germany’s Turbo-Lufttechnik GMBH (TLT), we became Turbo-Lufttechnik Pty Ltd. In 2006, the company name was changed to Turbo Air Technology Pty Ltd.

In 2013, we acquired an Agency & Distribution Agreement with TLT-Turbo GmbH, which ceased in July 2018.

Today, we are regarded as one of the leading industrial fan manufacturers. Our head office and main manufacturing facilities are located in Perth, Western Australia. We also have an office and manufacturing facility located in Melbourne.

Industrial Fans

At Turbo Air Technology, we use the latest centrifugal technology to manufacture industrial fans and blowers for Australia’s mining, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Our products are manufactured to various Australian Standard weld categories such as SP (Special Purpose) and FP (Fatigue Purpose) welding for all carbon, stainless, and other specialised steels.

We offer a wide range of products and services to accommodate all air movement requirements, including:


  • Centrifugal Fans (various configurations)
  • Material Handling Fans
  • High Pressure Blowers
  • Axial Fans (ventilation & high temperature)
  • Mine Ventilation Fans
  • Silencers & Acoustic/Thermal Insulation
  • Spiral Weld & Lock Seam Duct Machines (with specialised fitting capability)
  • Ducts, Bends, Elbows & Transitions
  • Custom Designed Fans


  • General System Design, Engineering, CAD Drawing, & Fabrication
  • Turn-Key Projects
  • Full QA Systems (including MDRs & ITPs)
  • On-Site Performance Testing
  • Impeller Balancing
  • After Sales Service
  • Spare Parts & Reconditioning (most fan makes)


Turbo Air Technology has many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of high quality ductwork for both end-users and re-sellers, including bends, elbows, transitions, straights, silencers, and acoustic/thermal insulation – all of which can be supplied as a package.

Our services include the design, drafting, fabrication, and delivery of the following:

Spiral Lock Seam Ducting

Economical to install, Spiral Lock Seam Ducting is ideal for commercial air conditioning, industrial, chemical, underground mine ventilation, and circular framework.

Spiral Welded Ducting

For positive and negative pressure in numerous industrial applications such as mineral processing pipe work, waste water treatment piping, bulk material handling, auger casings, dust control ductwork, and pneumatic conveying systems.

Oval Ducting

Oval ducting is lightweight, easy to install and suitable for restricted spaces. It is used in applications such as commercial air conditioning, ventilation, and column formwork.

Modular Ducting

We offer a wide range of modular ducting products for process ventilation, air filtration, and particle extraction. It is used in many industries, including: woodworking, milling, agricultural, metal work, plastics, paper, textile, tobacco, recycling, powder coating, sandblasting, and medical.

Circular Plate Ductwork

We specialise in heavy-duty circular ductwork fabricated from plate material such as quenched and tempered steel.

Rectangular Ductwork

We specialise in heavy-duty rectangular ductwork and manufacture in all sizes and thicknesses for a range of materials.

Turbo Air Technology’s headquarters are located at 6 Lavan Street, Bassendean. We are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. For further information, phone +(618) 9373 7800.

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